Semiconductor Manufacturing Contamination Control Solutions

Teknipure is an Innovator of Cleanroom Contamination Control Solution

Since 2008, Teknipure has been committed to developing, manufacturing, and distributing to our customers the best in consumable contamination solutions. We listen to your needs (as well as the needs of the market in general) and provide products designed to prevent, control, and remove contamination in an effective and efficient manner. You won’t find more […]

Teknipure Builds Dedicated Industry Websites to Help Customers Find Solutions

Focused on the Solutions You Need

Recently, we have been putting a lot of time and effort into preparing materials that make it even easier for you to find the Teknipure contamination control solutions you need. We recognize that every industry is different, and every company has unique requirements when it comes to keeping controlled environments free of contaminants – Whatever […]

Find the best cleaning solution for your application

Microfiber is a Preferred Alternative to Polyester

When cleaning in controlled environments, it is crucial to ensure that all surface areas and equipment used are cleaned to the highest of standards. Even outside of cleanroom environments, we are now much more critical in how we clean and sanitize things in our personal lives, but controlled environments have always had elevated cleaning requirements […]

The Semiconductor Industry is a Key to Restarting the U.S. and Global Economy

Surging Semiconductor Industry Key to Restarting the U.S. and Global Economy

Despite the current shortages, global semiconductor revenue grew a record 10.4% last year to $466 billion, while equipment sales surged 19%. Assembly and packaging system sales for the electronics sector grew even higher to 34%, and testing equipment sales grew 20%. There are more than 30 types of semiconductor product categories across the electronics ecosystem […]