• Injection mold preparation and cleaning
  • Extrusion process critical cleaning
  • Machine preventative maintenance (PM)


  • Entrapping and holding foreign material (FM) and particles
  • Wiping rough, abrasive surfaces with difficult to remove contaminants
  • Applying solvents and cleaners
  • Controlling electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Recommended Cleaning Solutions for Tooling & Injection Molding

Product FamilyPart #ISO LevelMaterialProcess Benefits
TekniPure Microfiber Wipers (Mixed-Weave) - TC2MFWTC2MFW4+TekniMaxTM Woven Microfiber with Ultra-Edge Finish
  • Best-in-class abrasion resistance leaving no fiber behind, even when scrubbing off
    baked-on process by-products and contaminants
  • Holds up well when used with strong cleaning solvents

Additional Product Solutions

Dry Wipers

ProductPart #MaterialISO LevelSizePackaging
TekniPure Mixed-Weave Microfiber - TC2MFUW-99TC2MFW-99TekniMaxTM
Microfiber (Woven)
4+9" x 9"Flat bag
25 wipes/bag, 8 bags/case

Specialty Applications

Aseptic Sterile Pre-Saturated Wipers (70% IPA)

ProductPart #MaterialISO LevelSizePackaging
TekniSat (PET Knit) 9TS2PUI70P-99STekniSatTM
(PET Knit)
4+9" x 9"Pouch
40 wipes/pouch, 24 pouches/case
TekniSat (Poly/Cell) 9TS1PCI70-99STekniSatTM
6+9" x 9"Pouch
30/pouch, 24 pouches/case
TekniSat (Polypropylene) 9TS1MPI70-911STekniSatTM
(Meltblown Polypropylene)
6+9" x 11"Pouch
50 pouches/bag, 24 pouches/case

Aseptic Sterile Dry Wipers

ProductPart #MaterialISO LevelSizePackaging
TekniGamma (PET Knit) 9TC2P99STekniCleanTM
(Sterile PET Knit)
4+9" x 9"Flat bag
20 wipes/bag, 25 bags/case
TekniGamma (PET Knit) 12TC2P12STekniCleanTM
(Sterile PET Knit)
4+12" x 12"Flat bag
25 wipes/bag, 20 bags/case
TekniGamma (Poly/Cell) 9TZ199STekniZorbTM
(Sterile Poly/Cell)
6+9" x 9"Flat bag
100 wipes/bag, 30 bags/case
TekniGamma (Poly/Cell) 12TZ112STekniZorbTM
(Sterile Poly/Cell)
6+12" x 12"Flat bag
50 wipes/bag, 30 bags/case

Cleanroom Entry Gowning Room Pre-Saturated Wipers (70% IPA)

ProductPart #MaterialISO LevelSizePackaging
TekniSat (Poly/Cell) 9TS1PCI70-99TekniSatTM
6+9" x 9"Pouch
30 wipes/pouch, 24 pouchess/case
TekniSat (Polypropylene) 9TS1MPI70-911TekniSatTM
(Meltblown Polypropylene)
6+9" x 11"Pouch
50/pouch, 24 pouches/case

Other Medical Device Applications