Precision Engineered Materials are critical to pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Reduce the Risk of Contamination-Related Citations & Costs by Managing Micro-Contamination in Your Cleanroom

“Teknipure is a proud supplier to the pharmaceutical industry as a leading innovator and manufacturer of contamination control solutions. Our products meet the most critical criteria for use in aseptic and non-aseptic environments. Proper product selection is paramount to efficiently removing bioburden and disinfectant and API residuals from your process.

We have created tools to ensure the best products are selected for the appropriate applications specific to your requirements. We are committed to delivering cleaning solutions that deliver results against your risk management goals.”

Christopher Heiland, President, Teknipure

Reduce Risk by Managing Micro-contamination

Engineered Materials: 3X More Micro-Contamination Entrapment Power

Microfiber Engineered Material

Pharmaceutical Insights

Watch Teknipure’s Microfiber Cleaning Power in Action:

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Choose the Right Material for Maximum Contamination Entrapment