TekniSatTM 9″ x 11″ Meltblown Polypropylene Pre-saturated 70% IPA Wipes

Part #: TS1MPI70-911

TekniSat 9″ x 11″ Meltblown Polypropylene Wipers are 100% synthetic fiber thermally bonded to form an inherently low-extractable and low-shedding, chemically resistant, non-woven fabric. This material is pre-wetted with USP-grade 9% Isopropanol (IPA) and 91% deionized water. 50 each/pouch, 24 pouches/case.


  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Applies IPA efficiently while minimizing VOC emissions
  • Exceptionally clean
  • Available in resealable pouches and zipper packs