Reducing Yield Loss is Essential to Achieving Competitive Advantage

Fabrication of semiconductor wafers can involve 1,000 or more process steps. Any glitch caused by microcontamination in the equipment, process, or originating from humans can cause costly defects and negatively impact yield. Yield optimization is critical to meeting market demand and maximizing profit.


  • Removal of wet & dry processing materials on surfaces and chambers
  • Cleaning sensors, robotics, and automated material handling systems


  • Assuring critical cleaning protocols are followed consistently
  • Cleaning a complex range of surfaces and materials
  • Dislodging and entrapping contaminants, including on heated surfaces

Recommended Fabrication Cleaning Solutions

Additional Product Solutions

Pre-Saturated Wipers (70% IPA)

Dry Wipers

Specialty Applications

FAB - ESD (Electrostatic Dissipative) Sensitive Area Solutions

FAB - High Volume Liquid Absorption Solutions

FAB - High Efficiency Dry Particulate/Residue Removal Solutions

Other Semiconductor Applications