Managing Microcontamination More Effectively is Key to Success

Equipment maintenance is essential to achieving uptime and yield objectives. Foreign material (FM) left on the interior of tools can shut down processing for extended periods as quality issues are resolved. Choosing the best wiping solution to remove FM effectively during tool maintenance is directly related to achieving uptime and quality goals.


  • Cleaning optical sensors
  • Eliminating FM on sensitive components like VAT valves and gas dispersion plates
  • Preventative process tool maintenance


  • Entrapping FM and leaving surfaces dry and residue-free
  • Cleaning rough/coarse/sharp surfaces and equipment edges
  • Reducing employee VOC exposure

Recommended Lab & Tool Maintenance Cleaning Solutions

Additional Product Solutions

Pre-Saturated Wipers (70% IPA)

Dry Wipers

Specialty Applications

Lab & Tool - Rough Surface Solutions

Other Semiconductor Applications